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25 Hottest Korean Fall Outfits Ideas

You may miss the summer sunshine and the warm weather, but you should know that the fall is a high season for the season. Fall is a great season for mixing and matching, layering, and accessorising your look!

If you want to get some fall outfits inspiration for this season, here are 5 hottest Korean fall outfits that are inspired by your favourite Korean idols. 

1. All in Red

Red is a bright and bold hue, and it is the colour of the fall season. There are many ways you can wear this trendy style. You can use it as a statement as Sehun did or use red top and long jeans such Song Ji Hyo did on her style. Putting vibrant red pieces in shirt, pants, and outerwear like Kang Daniel will be a great idea too.

Korean style look by combining red color will add to the beauty of your style. This design is perfect for you to wear to appear in formal events and street styles.

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The long red blazer which is integrated with red trousers is very eye catching. This style is very suitable if you like the Korean style, because it is very simple and lightweight.

All in red with a hoodie and long pants that are comfortable and stylish. You can even curse red sandals to perfect your style.

Look simple and comfortable by combining red color for your dress style. Add fur jacket accessories that will perfect your style

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2. Wide-Legged Pants

If you like to wear casual outfits in this season, you can use wide-legged pants as VIXX LR boys did. You’ll glad to wear these pants since they are comfortable and easy yet can be combined with almost anything. 

Pants with a loose design is very comfortable to wear. Pair with a black shoe jacket, then you will be seen to be attractive and unique.

This unique combination with long Cardigan and wide leg pants is very interesting for you to wear. Give comfort with this style of clothing to go anywhere.

Look attractive with a black top and wide leg jeans. You can add a coolie jacket to add beauty to your dress style.

Enjoy the beauty of your dress with wide leg jeans. You will be impressed attractive and will get light steps wherever you walk.

Unique street style with a long coat combined with wide leg jeans. Secure your feet with attractive and charming gold shoes.

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3. Use Furry Accents

Using furry accents on your outfits will help to accentuate the outfit. You may try a fuzzy coat or jacket, or accessories with a little bit of fluff as we can see on Sunmi’s shoes.

A thick furry coat that is comfortable when you wear is perfect with black pants and boots. You will get extraordinary beauty and comfort.

This red fur coat is perfect paired with beautiful jeans. You can add black shoes to cover your feet.

Look elegant with a fur jacket and jeans. Add black shoes that add to the beauty of your appearance.

This furry coat with head covering is perfect for you to wear in the fall. You will still feel the perfect warmth without having to reduce your comfort.

This pink fur coat gives a beautiful and attractive impression to you. Add black pants and boots to add to your warmth.

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4. Ultra-long Sleeves

Do you still remember about some favourite Korean music videos such as BTS’s “Spring Day” and SEVENTEEN’s “Don’t Wanna Cry”?  Well, you can see how cute they are on the long-sleeved top. You can copy them by wearing sweaters or blouses with oversized sleeves that will be a perfect choice in this cold weather.

Patterned sweater with long sleeves is very interesting for you to try. You can mix it with comfortable jeans.

This white knit sweater is very pretty combined with jeans. Add brown shoes so that you look more attractive and comfortable.

Give warm comfort with a brown sweater with long sleeves. Pick up your style with black jeans and boots.

Look attractive with a long-sleeved sweater in the united with jeans. Complete your style with high heels for the beauty of your appearance.

This Gray Sweater is very interesting and comfortable for you to try. You can mix it with black pants and black shoes. Add bag accessories to complete your style.

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5. Plaid in Many Colours

Plaid style may be identical to the fall season, and it has its adventurous side. Even so, when you use plaid in many fun colours like Lee Chan Hyuk’s suit, you will get a gorgeous look that you will love!

The combination of black and white attached to your flannel will add to the beauty of your casual style. You can pair it with black jeans and shoes.

An interesting combination of red, white and black in your mat adds to your appeal. You can mix with jeans and red shoes.

This checkered dress appears attractive in black and white. You will feel extraordinary comfort. Decorate with beautiful strappy sandals.

Red, white and blue checkered shirt which is combined with a beautiful blazer is very suitable for you to wear. Enhance it with white trousers to make it look elegant.

White shirt with beautiful checkered flannel will add to your appeal. Pair it with black leggings to get your style perfect.

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See, fall will be a perfect chance to try those hot styles. Moreover, you can copy your favourite Korean idols too! So, which one is your favourite Korean fall outfits?

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