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23 Cozy and Stylish Fall Outfit Inspirations for Plus Size Women

Each fashion style works with certain body sizes. With the right pieces’ combination, cozy fashion with a stunning look is not impossible, even for plus size women. In contrast, a lousy combo will only result in frumpy looks. 

Below, we have compiled several cozy and stylish plus size fall outfit combos that might inspire you!


1. Sweatshirt + Jeans + Boots

The fall season screams for sweatshirt. Since a few years ago, the popularity of this comfy outfit made it totally acceptable to be worn outside the house. It is a versatile fall outfit that can be combined with ample other pieces to increase the adorable looks. Simply put on this shirt with jeans and some cute fall boots to go to a casual party or to hang out with friends. The sweatshirt will keep you warm in a breezy fall while at the same time make you look stylish. 

Well-packaged and attractive with a warm long coat. With long jeans and brown boots, more warmth when autumn comes.

An attractive and extraordinary look with a white coat covered in a scarf and hat. Perfect with jeans and boots. Warmth will be created perfect even in cold weather.

This black leather jacket wrapped in a beautiful scarf adds to the beauty of your style. Also wear black jeans and shoes to add to the beauty of your style.

An extraordinary combination is created with a long black coat with jeans. Complete with black shoes and bags to add style in the fall.

Stay stylish and look stunning with perfect warmth. A black coat with trousers and boots is a choice to stay stylish. perfect it with a beautiful patterned scarf.

This long coat with black jeans is perfect for you to wear in autumn. Then you can add shoes for the warmth of your feet.

Look stylish with a long thick coat with comfortable jeans. Give black shoes to perfect your appearance when autumn arrives.

The beauty of autumn style is created with white sweaters and black pants. Nothing wrong if you wear black shoes to add to the beauty of your dress style.

Despite the cold weather, you will still look beautiful and stylish. Wear a long coherent coat with jeans and black shoes. You will still feel comfortable without having to ruin your dress style.

Autumn is a season that requires warmth. Also not spared about your dress style. You can mix sweaters, jeans and boots. Then you will get a unique and attractive style despite the cold weather.

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2. Cardigan + Long Dress + Belt + Boots

A long cascading cardigan is a great complement for a long dress for fall. With the cardigan, you can cover your arm and go through the fall’s cold comfortably. Highlight your body curves by putting on a belt around your waist. This way, you can accentuate your body type to look fabulous. Add some adorable fall boots to increase your appearance. This is an awesome flirty plus size fall outfit you can opt for.

A unique blend of white dres wrapped in a comfortable cardigan. Perfect with knee-high boots for the warmth of your feet.

Appear stunning with a cardigan wrapped in a thick white dress. You can also add black boots, then refine them with necklaces and headgear embellishments.


The beauty of autumn fashion is created by the red dress wrapped in a long cardigan. You can add black knee-length boots to increase the warmth of your feet.

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Unique style with a white dress with a comfortable long cardigan. Give your feet warmth with high boots. Then your display style will be very comfortable and warm.

Look attractive and comfortable with a long cardigan that wraps your beautiful drees. Add high boots and buttons with a belt. You will be stylish and comfortable with clothes like this.

Looks awesome with a long cardigan and a comfortable long dress. Perfect your appearance with black boots. This clothing is the choice of many women in the fall.

Patterned cardigan wrapped in an attractive black dress. Give high boots to enhance your appearance. You can also add necklace accessories to the beauty of your style.

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Even though you are old, it’s not wrong if you still stay stylish when the winter season arrives. You can wear a white dress and cardigan that is comfortable and hanagt. For subordinates, give black leggings and knee-high boots.

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. Leather Jacket + Tight Jeans + Blouse + Calf Boots

A leather jacket is a great fall outfit to have. It looks chic and fabulous while also keeps you warm on a chilly fall. For a plus size woman, keep in mind to carefully purchase a suitable leather jacket size. An oversized one will only make you look lazy and clumsy. Opt for a short leather jacket that fits your figure and size for the maximal looks and comfy. 

This leather jacket with jeans is the choice to keep your style. Add boots and scarves to keep you warm.

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Look attractive with black boots with elegant white pants. Give a black leather jacket to blend your clothing style. Give hat and bag accessories to add to the beauty of your dress style.

Black leather jacket with striped shirt is perfect for you to pair with jeans. Complete with black boots to cover your feet from cold weather.

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Look beautiful and simple with a black leather jacket combined with comfortable jeans. Give boots to add to the beauty of your style.

The beauty of casual style is created with a black leather jacket with jeans and black boots. The warmth and fashionable style will still be created in this outfit.

Enjoy the freedom of your style with a comfortable black leather jacket. Give jeans and boots to perfect your appearance. You will look free and comfortable in this style.

Walk comfortably this fall by combining a black leather jacket with a pair of jeans and black boots. You will feel the warmth and comfort while exploring the city streets.

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We hope that these plus size fall outfit inspirations will help you get through fall with cozy and stylish fashion!

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