Winter Outfit

25 Cute Preppy Style Ideas You Should Try This Winter

Don’t just go out with a sweater or jacket this winter. Be more fashionable with a preppy look that guaranteed will make you look cute and stylish. The preppy look is not only reserved for students only. If you are inspired with this style, here are some tips on how to pull off this cute winter outfits.


1. Skirt and sweater

Skirts are a good choice and an extremely popular item for a preppy style. You can combine a plaid or tartan skirt. Then, wear a cashmere sweater over it for extra comfort and warmth. Pull out the collar so it is visible to enhance the preppy look. Complete your look with black tights and shoes. Easy and fashionable!

Look beautiful with a plaid miniskirt and black leggings. Wear a sweater to increase the comfort of your dress.

Stylish in a plaid miniskirt combined with a red sweater and hat. Cover your feet with leather shoes to get more comfortable.


Look elegant with a patterned mini skirt and white sweater. This look is getting prettier with high heels.

A black sweater that is integrated with a checkered skirt will enhance your look. Give hat accessories to enhance your appearance.

Stylish in a red sweater that matches a red plaid skirt. Add black shoes and socks.

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2. Peter pan collar shirt and coat for an extra cute look

A shirt with a peter pan collar type will look extra cute for this preppy look. You can pair it with a skirt that falls above the knee and a sweater, a shirt. Again, make sure that the peter pan collar is visible to enhance the preppy look. Layer them with a neutral coat that above the knee length, and complete the looks with a red bag.

a grey pleated skirt, a striped sweater over the shirt, black stockings and flats.

This white shirt with striped sweater gives the impression of your beautiful appearance. By removing the shirt collar, your appearance becomes extraordinary.

A grey top, a pink pleated skirt, heart print tights, brown booties and a bag.

Look stunning with a sweater and show the collar to beautify the look of your style. This style really gives your dress comfort.

a plaid skirt, a black sweater, a shirt with a peter pan collar, a red vintage bag, and a neutral coat.

An interesting combination with a black sweater and a long coat. Add more cute by showing your shirt collar.

a white shirt, a cool plaid mini skirt, a long white cardigan is a simple and beautiful look.

Look elegant with a white shirt wrapped in a sweater. Wear a comfortable mini skirt for your space.

Navy scallop shorts, a neutral sweater over a blue striped shirt and a beige trench

This style gives you confidence. a shirt wrapped in a sweater and suit will provide more warmth in winter.

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3. Cable knit sweater dress

Sweater dress may look cosy for a preppy look, but you can fix it by wearing a white shirt underneath. Pull out the collar so that it is visible over your sweater dress, then roll the sleeves of your shirt a little and make it visible over the sweater. Pair them with a sling bag, and you will have a comfortable and fashionable preppy winter outfit.

This cozy sweater dress with knitwear provides comfort in winter. You can wear shoes to cover your feet.

A unique style look created with a knit sweater. Add knee-high boots to increase the warmth of your feet.

This cozy green sweater style in winter is perfect for you to wear. With a long neck more and more warmth for you.

This cozy and comfortable gray sweater dress is suitable for you to wear in winter. You can also add black leather shoes to cover your feet.

Simple style with a knit sweater that can add warmth when winter arrives. This style is more beautiful with you tie a belt on your stomach.

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4. Jeans and plaid blazer

You can also pull off a preppy look with pants. One simple way for this look is by pairing blue jeans and a turtleneck sweater. Then, layer it with a plaid blazer for a chic preppy look.

Stylish chic in winter with a checkered Blazer in solid with comfortable blue jeans. This style is much loved by many women.

This checkered blazer with jeans is perfect for your winter style. You will look comfortable and warm.

Look stylish and casual with a patterned blazer and black jeans. You can add black shoes to help cover your feet from the cold weather.

The warmth of dressing in a blazer and blue jeans. In it you can add a fashionable sweater.

Stylish look with a blue plaid blazer and jeans bottoms. This style is right for you to wear when winter arrives.

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5. Preppy in heels

Last but not least, you can also combine a cropped skinny jeans with a coloured shirt. Next, add a layer of grey cashmere sweater over it and make sure the collar is visible. Wear a matching grey sweater and complete the look with a brown coloured bag. 

The preppy winter outfit is not reserved for the academic environment only. You can also wear it to any occasion and pull off a cute and trendy look with this style.

Look stylish with a polka-dot sweater and a pretty shirt inside. Wear subordinate skinny jeans and Preppy in heels. The perfection of style with an elegant brown bag.

Black sweater with a casual style and subordinate skinny jeans are perfectly paired with Preppy in heels. A white shirt with a bent neck adds to the beauty of your style.

Stylish with matching skinny jeans with beautiful sweaters for your casual style. Complete with shoes to cover your feet from cold weather.

This checkered shirt wrapped in a sweater will make you more stylish. Affixes skinny jeans and boots make you more comfortable.

Shirt style with a collar out in a sweater is indeed very artistic. Add with skinny jeans and brown shoes for the beauty of your appearance.

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