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19 Best Plus Size Sweater for Your Next Winter Outfit

Everyone loves a warm and cozy sweater, especially during winter. The thick and fuzzy materials feel comfortable to the body, but the wrong model may make certain body type look unflattering. should be careful when choosing a sweater. Since it is naturally bulky, wearing sweater can add bulk and volume to your body.

But don’t worry, with these tips below, you can pick a nice sweater for a perfect plus size winter outfit.


1. Avoid heavy or bulky materials

You might want to try thick and heavy textured fabrics for your winter clothes. However, remember that this type of sweater tends to look thick and won’t be seen flattering people with curves. Therefore, try to wear a large knit sweater or other type of heavy textured fabric. Choose thinner pieces and layered to avoid large-looking proportions.

Yellow knit sweater adds to the impression of your appearance. The addition of a black hat will also enhance your style.

Look stunning with a big black sweater. Combined with sneakers that give the impression of your casual.

Perfect harmony with a red knit sweater and hat. You will look beautiful in this style.

The combination of gray sweater and miniskirt makes you look elegant. You will be a concern when walking on city streets.

This large gray sweater will add to your warmth. Combined with black boots that will protect your feet from cold weather.

Look beautiful with a black sweater dress and hat. This style is suitable for you when in cold weather.

In street style, a striped sweater dress will indeed look amazing. This display will provide its own beauty for you.

Look elegant with a large sweater combined with white trousers. The suffix of a scarf and hat further enhances your appearance.

The combination of a gray sweater with a plus size looks stunning with a pleated skirt. High-heeled shoes further enhance your appearance.

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2. Pick the right fitted sweaters

Tightly fitted sweaters tend to highlight the big areas of the body. However, don’t try to hide them by wearing sweaters that are baggy or too large, since it will only make a plus-sized body appear bulkier. Take some time to play around with different sizes until you find one that fits perfectly to your body. 

Beautiful look with a petite tight sweater. This style will show your sexy body shape, and you will look perfect.

Look sexy and attractive in autumn with a tight sweater. Display with pink increasingly makes you look beautiful.

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Red sweater with a scarf affix this increasingly makes your style become very riveting. You will be impressed elegant and extraordinary.

Casual and comfortable look with orange sweater combined with jeans. The affix of boots will provide a comfortable atmosphere of the foot.

This white sweater and scarf will make you comfortable in winter. You can add knee-high boots to add warmth.

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3. Pick darker colors

When choosing a flattering sweater for plus size body, you also need to consider the color and pattern. Darker colors such as grey, brown, or black tend to make your body appear slimmer. If you want to wear a patterned sweater, pick on with stripes. To brighten your appearance when wearing a sweater with dark hues, add colorful scarf or jewelry.


Wear a patterned sweater for an energetic look in winter. You will still be stylish with this sweater look.

White sweater in black and red pattern turns out to give you the beauty of your appearance. You will look attractive when walking outside the house.

Stylish in a beautiful striped sweater. In winter, a sweater will protect you wherever you are.

If you want to look stunning in winter, you can wear patterned sweat. You will feel more comfortable and trusting.

Look beautiful and stunning with blue combination of white sweater. You will be very attractive and extraordinary.

A unique combination with a yellow dress and black striped sweater. You will feel extraordinary comfort when leaving the house this winter.

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4. Choosing the right sweater’s necklines

Pay attention to the sweater’s necklines because it will affect how flattering your sweater will be on your body. If you want to play safe, choose the V Neck sweater which will make your neck appear longer. If you are bigger around the breast area, then try the cowl neck sweater that long enough until below the waist. For hourglass figure who tends to have a slim waistline, wrap sweater is the right choice. Next is a square neck model that is perfect for people with smaller breast. 

Black sweater with a V neck model will provide comfort for your movements. You can add some accessories that can support your appearance in winter.

The combination of gray sweater with jeans is very suitable for your display style. Choose the V model on the neck to add beauty to your style.

Stylish with a V-neck sweater combined with a black hat. This style is suitable for casual appearance in winter

You want to look casual and stylish. Try wearing a black sweater with a V-neck model. Give affix black shoes to add the impression of your casual look.

This winter, you can use a V neck sweater for your style. This look gives you beauty and comfort.

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Those are some tips that you can apply to find the best sweater that will look flattering for plus-size women. By choosing your winter outfit correctly based on your body type, you will look fabulous this upcoming winter!

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